Protective flue of a brick chimney

Safely protects the entire structure of the brick pipe from the condensed steam coming into contact with the combustion products.
It increases the service life of the pipe several times and eliminates the main causes of its destruction.

The main causes of chimney failure:

  1. The steam condenses, gets back into the chimney and, under the influence of negative temperatures, thaws the chimney brick;
  2. Water vapor is connected with combustion products (chimney from heating, fireplace), sulfuric and hydrochloric acids are formed, aggressively acting on a brick chimney.

Galvanized painted steel according to RAL in the color of the roof.

EPDM (from -55 to +135 ºС), resistant to ozone and UV exposure.

Product Diameter, mm Flange, mm
#1 102 – 178 600 x 260 х 25
#2 152 – 280 600 x 390 х 25

2 sizes
6 colors: black, red, brown, green, gray, blue
seal diameters: from 102 mm to 280 mm

Sequential connection of the flanges allows to protect the chimney of any size with different number and diameter of the outlets.