Wall penetration seal

Especially for sealing the passages of pre-insulated pipelines. Also to prevent damage to them during the drawdown of the foundation.
They are used in the place where pipes pass through walls, foundations, cellars and wells.

Maximum operating temperature EPDM +135 ºC
Maximum short-term temperature resistance EPDM +185 ºC
Temperature limit of brittleness (minimum operating temperature) EPDM -55 ºC
Wall seal

10 sizes
color: black
seal diameters:
from 90 mm to 315 mm

Wall penetration seal from weather resistant rubber EPDM.

Wall seal Inner diamete D2, mm Outside diameter D1, mm
Wall seal-90 81 127
Wall seal-110 100 144
Wall seal-125 116 160
Wall seal-140 131 175
Wall seal-160 150 196
Wall seal-180 170 210
Wall seal-200 190 240
Wall seal-225 211 257
Wall seal-250 240 285
Wall seal-315 300 346