Mastic aerosol SPRAY FLASH

Novelty for roof sealing

SPRAY FLASH – the aerosol mastic, which is suitable for use, will quickly and simply produce waterproofing or minor repairs on your roof. After spraying, it forms a smooth, elastic polymer coating that does not require grinding and can serve as a finishing layer, or it can become an ideal basis for roofing enamel from metal profiles, metal roofs, seam roofs.

Maximum operating temperature +70 ºC
Temperature limit of brittleness (minimum operating temperature) -50 ºC
Resistance to light, ozone aging Stabilized
Water resistance, 0.5 MPa for 2 hours Absolute
Water absorption % by weight ≤ 0,1

On the roof of the modern house is installed quite a lot of structures (chimneys, snegozaderzhateli, windows, etc.) and appliances (antennas, air conditioners, etc.) during installation which violates its integrity. Having treated the joints of structures and fasteners with aerosol mastic SPRAY FLASH, you will significantly extend the service life of the roof. SPRAY FLASH – removes pores and cracks and protects metal elements from corrosion.


  • Waterproofing of roofing and structural elements;
  • Protection against corrosion of metal coatings and structures;
  • It is elastic in any weather;
  • Can be repainted with enamels;
Sealing chimney

Sealing chimney

Repair of holes and seams of a roof, around chimneys, ventilation passages

Roof repair

Roof repair

Sealing roofs, gutters, skylights

Recovery drain

Recovery drain

Repair of dynamic cracks in walls and roofs