Pipe boot Ultra Angle

Specially for roof from a metal profile, metal roofing, rebated roofing.
Acceptable angles roof slopes from 20° to 55°.

Maximum operating temperature EPDM / Silicone +135 ºC / +240 ºC
Maximum short-term temperature resistance EPDM / Silicone +185 ºC / +350 ºC
Temperature limit of brittleness (minimum operating temperature) EPDM / Silicone -55 ºC / -50 ºC

Membrane of high-temperature silicone or EPDM rubber. Completely rubber flange in the color of the roof. Flange size – 580 х 580 mm.

Ultra Angle

Aluminum strips for reliable and quick assembly.

Ultra Angle
EPDM / silicone
6 colors: black, red, brown, green, gray, blue
seal diameters: from 125 to 280 mm
Advantages of pipe boor Ultra Angle
  • Specially for roofing at an angle up to 55º
  • Increased flange size
  • Flange completely in the color of the roof
  • Increased range of pipe sizes: from 125 to 280 mm
  • Fast and reliable installation thanks to the aluminum strip